Development process
  1. Starting to operate international express mail service on July 15, 1980, the initiator of express industry in China.
  2. Starting to operate domestic express mail service in April 1984.
  3. China Courier Service Company founded on December 3, 1985, the first professional express company in China.
  4. Beginning to cooperate with non-postal express companies in May 1987 and launch “China Express” service.
  5. The first to provide online shipment tracking service on January 18, 1994.
  6. China Postal Airlines founded on November 26, 1995, the first domestic cargo airlines.
  7. Beginning to operate COD service in 1997.
  8. Co-founding UPU EMS Cooperative in 1999, and serving as member of council up to now.
  9. Launching truckload freight service in 2000, beginning to provide logistics service.
  10. Beginning to operate domestic expedited parcel service and land express service on August 1, 2001.
  11. Co-founding Kahala Post Group together with 5 other posts in 2002, providing standardized EMS service.
  12. China Post Logistics Corporation founded on January 18, 2003, one of the first enterprises providing contract logistics, LTL and international freight forwarding.
  13. Beginning to run logistics distribution network, LTL and Cold Chain logistics service in 2003.
  14. Starting to provide VMI warehouse value-added service in 2004.
  15. China Postal Airlines started Overnight Flight on August 19, 2004, becoming the first overnight airlines. Next Morning Delivery and Next Day Delivery launched in first-tier and second-tier cities
  16. World Champion Liu Xiang became the image ambassador of EMS since 2005.
  17. Launching International Guarantee Service together with posts of US, AU, JP, KR and HK on July 25, 2005.
  18. Nanjing Postal Express & Logistics Air Distribution Center, the largest in Asia, the third in the world, settled in Nanjing on May 26, 2006.
  19. China Postal Airlines opened Beijing-Seoul on August 3, 2006 and Shanghai-Osaka flights on December 19, achieving next day delivery to major cities in Korea and Japan.
  20. Contract logistics extended to Hong Kong and Australia in 2007.
  21. Launching domestic e-commerce express on January 10, 2007 and economy express on August 28, 2007.
  22. Beginning to provide Supply Chain Finance and Millrun services in 2008.
  23. Merging of postal express and logistics branches completed and China Postal Express & Logistics Company founded on December 19, 2008.
  24. Starting bonded warehousing service in 2009.
  25. Launching Domestic Guarantee Service in 100 cities on February 26, 2009; International Guarantee Service expanded to Great Britain and Spain on July 8.
  26. China Postal Express & Logistics Company successfully transformed into China Postal Express & Logistics Company Limited on June 10, 2010.
  27. Total revenue exceeded RMB 20 Billion on December 31, 2010.
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