The award ceremony for the Fourth China Freight Industry Award (CFIA), praised as the “Academy Award” of the freight industry, was held in Shanghai International Conference Center on May 20, 2005. China Post EMS was selected as the top 3 award winner in terms of standardized service, field operation, service efficiency, and information system. The company won the gold award for information system and field operation, silver award for standardized service, and golden award for service efficiency.

China Post EMS was awarded one of the “Top 10 Customer Favorite Brand” during the first Top 10 Customer Favorite Brand Selection organized by People’ Daily,, China Quality and Brand magazine, and China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing China in 2005. During the second National Excellent After-sales Company Selection co-organized by China Commercial Federation and China Federation of Industrial Economics in 2005, China Post EMS was the only express company selected, and was granted one of the “Top 10 After-sales Company in Service Industry”.

American Reader’s Digest magazine held the “Trusted Brand of Reader’s Digest (2006)” award ceremony and press conference on November 28, 2006 in Shanghai. China Post and China Post EMS won the Gold Price of “Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand”. China Post EMS was the only express operator winning the price in China. China Post and China Post EMS topped other companies in this field in terms of quality, value, innovation, reliability, credibility, and acquaintance with customer demands, and were selected as one of the most trusted brands in China.

During the 9th Plenary Session of UPU EMS Cooperative in 2007, China Post EMS was recognized by UPU and international pots for the quality improvement progress. China Post EMS Comprehensive Processing Platform was granted the Gold Award for 2006 UPU EMS Quality Authentication. It was the second price China Post EMS won, in addition to the Silver Award in 2006,

The 6th CFIA award ceremony was held in Chengdu on November 13, 2008. China Post EMS was rewarded the Gold Prices for “Best Domestic Express Service” and the “Best International Express Service”.

2010 Commending Conference for National Model Worker and Advanced Worker was held in the Great Hall on April 27, 2010. Chou Shufang from Hebei Shijiazhuang Postal Express & Logistics, Sheng Xiaohong from Zhejiang Taizhou Postal Express & Logistics, Aikepaier.Yinmin from Xinjiang Urumqi Postal Express & Logistics won the title of National Model Worker and were received by CPC and state leaders.

On June 11, 2011, during the 2011 C-BPI award ceremony organized by China Center for Promotion of SME Development of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Post “EMS” brand was recognized and awarded the 2011 No. 1 Express Service Brand.

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